Sunday, November 13, 2011


The craft show was a bust :( Only sold one necklace.. oh well.. People just don't appreciate high quality hand made items anymore it seems... Got lots of complements but no bites.. Left me feeling really depressed about it. I want my jewelry to get off the ground even more so than my artwork.. Art I KNOW is very hit or miss.. you have to have JUST the right market, but jewelry I would have thought with my "talents" would have taken off so much easier. It really leaves me questioning myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make it.. And selling it seems second nature.. and I get quite a few "off Etsy" sales so my shop doesn't really reflect my success.. but I want it to be bigger, ya know? Maybe it's more that I just want to be a success at something? I dunno... Ok, enough rambling..


Lee Pierce said...

Mel - sorry it was a slow day :(
I love making jewelry and have a bunch of $ in supplies. I tend to do it by request only. Your work is beautiful - it's a tough market.

Hope things turn around for you this season.

Just Me said...

Thanks Lee!!! :)