Monday, November 21, 2011

HUGE step...

Taking a huge huge huge step outside of my comfort zone. I am holding a jewelry show at my house to display my jewelry and hang out with everyone. I'm terrified! It's not that I worry no one will buy anything.. if they don't, well they don't, and I'm just out the money for snacks and I had a good time with friends.. I'm terrified that no one will show up. I have done "parties" in the past... things like Pampered Chef, that sort of thing... and had my mom show up. And that's it. And then I'm out all this food and left feeling very upset because no one wants to drive out to my neck of the woods.. I'm terrified that no one will want to come this way. I know it is a self-esteem issue. It's something I struggle deeply with. I worry that if no one shows, it reflects on how people see or feel about me.. Which is silly... but not at the same time. I just hope that I can pull this off, have people show up and have a good time and not panic about it... I know I'll be a ball of anxiety.. I'm already feeling it now that the invitations have gone out. I already have people saying they'll come.. which is awesome! But I have this thought in the back of my head that everyone will cancel at the last minute. I can only hope that won't happen and try really hard to think only positive outcomes... Can I do that? God I hope so!

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