Friday, September 10, 2010

feeling pretty good

Minus the headache, I've been feeling pretty good. Moods are fairly good, even my bad days seem to have a softer edge.. It'd be nice if the Abilify would take the swings away all together, but I'll take what I can get! The side effects are a bit crazy, but I can deal for now.. will talk it all over with the Pdoc in a couple weeks and see what she thinks is a good choice, staying on, or trying new.

I have been stoking the creative juices lately. I've been doing a TON of painting :) I'm really proud of how well they have been coming along. So far I have 2 new illustrations:

I've also been working on some jewelry, really enjoying that. :) It's so calming to work with natural stone and crystals. Just lifts my spirits. Not to mention the awesome sense of accomplishment I get from both the jewelry and the artwork. Now if only I'd get more good news from the several poetry submissions and I think I just might make it to cloud 9. ;) Either way though, I'll settle for feeling good.


readingsully2 said...

glad things are better...and love your new work and your blog looks great.

Lee said...

Happy you are feeling better! Revel in your creativity ;)

Marlene said...

Great looking blog. Glad you are feeling better and being creative. Also thank you for your support to my Daisy.

Just Me said...

Thanks guys! So glad to see you reading! :)