Thursday, August 19, 2010


Had my second appt with the new P Doc. The Adderall is doing wonders... and the Abilify is not. Not to mention the constant nausea. So we are going to switch to taking in the AM, right after breakfast. That insures that A. I EAT breakfast ;) and B. that I have food in my tummy, instead of an empty tummy all night.. So far.. so good. :) Now that I know I can tolerate it in the mornings, going to up it to 5mg instead of 2.5mg. Hoping this does the trick. I really like her, she's very easy to talk to and she's understanding. Doing well with the therapist as well.. very well... So.. keeping fingers crossed!

On an unrelated note, I started back up, featuring son # 1's artwork! Not sure yet about starting mine back up yet, but for now, he wanted to see his pictures back up on "the computer place". So I agreed. Donating 50% to both Dockery Foundation and Autism Solution Center... (alternating months) Hoping to get some good attention for both charities. I have gotten such good remarks on his art already! And possibly someone making a purchase here soon. Hopeful!

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