Monday, August 23, 2010

I did it... :)

Re-opened Broken Muse.. Look, right over there ------->

yup.. I found some brave.. Now, I gotta keep it. So any positive energy or prayers would be greatly appreciated... My newest mantra is "I will not delete pages when moody... I will not delete pages when moody..." ;) Chant with me now! :)


artquest1 said...

I have been reading your blog intermittently, but I haven’t left any comments. Not because I was not moved by your writing, nor was it due to a lack of interest in your subject matter. I found your perseverance and strength, in spite of your pain, impressive, and your willingness to deal publicly with your emotions, your feelings and especially your “reality”, inspirational.
I have finally decided to write after reading some of your earlier essays – especially the one entitled: “setting up”
dated Monday, March 8, 2010. You talk about: “To be able to share that intimate and very real feeling I get when I see something, the WAY I see it, the way I FEEL it...” and then you go on to enumerate and exalt in the myriad wonders of the world and your overwhelming desire to be able to incorporate them into your oeuvre – your body of work and self-expression.
I don’t know whether you have consciously realized it or not, but what you are expressing is your desire to become an artist. It is not about painting, poetry, dance or theatre – the qualities and awareness’s you describe (and long for) is what every artist deals with.
You already write with a grace and beauty. Your words seem to originate from inside of your soul and your longing, and as far as I can see, you are not so far from fulfilling your stated dreams. I write a blog, Artquest1, that deals with the quest we must all experience on our way to “becoming an artist” and if you are interested in hearing more of my thoughts, read some of what I have written there, and let me know either through my blog or directly by e-mail. I may have some ideas that can help you on your quest.
Good luck, Bob

artquest1 said...

I tried leaving a comment yesterday, but it seems to have been lost in cyber space.
I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I’ve been intrigued by your insights and commentary, and very impressed with the quality of your writing. I left no comments, as much of your subject matter dealt with your personal life, and I assumed it was directed towards friends and family.
Your post last March 8th entitled “Setting Up” really caught my eye, and caused me to reconsider my no comment posture. In it you say: “I wish that I could turn my brain into a giant computer... I would pull the images my eyes and mind linger on, and download them. To be able to share that intimate and very real feeling I get when I see something, the WAY I see it, the way I FEEL it. . .” I don’t know whether you realized it at the time, but what you wrote was the eloquent and plaintive plea of every artist, be she writer, painter, actor or musician.
Both your writing and your art is beautifully presented, and I am impressed at the depth and intimacy you are willing to portray, and then share. I write a blog concerned with accessing personal creativity and art, and if you’d like to read some of it and if you feel that it might have something to say to you, I’d be pleased to hear from you.
Good luck, Bob

Just Me said...

I thank you Bob :) You are so right.. And I would love to follow your art blog :)

And to be honest, I am happy with comments, they help me to reflect on what I've written better.. This blog is for me to hopefully get to the bottom of issues, track moods, and the like..