Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So sleepy...

Ok, so I didn't run away.. Feeling a bit better over the whole "panic" feeling. Got to my appt w/ the Neuro.. She's going to increase the Zanaflex to 4 times a day. She's hoping it will take care of the headaches/migraines and the FMS all in one big swoop. Here's hoping.. I really like her, she takes a lot of time to listen, and she explains her actions and choices. Very refreshing. She's actually a NP. Sad when a NP is more thorough and helpful and caring than an MD right? Oh, and got a call from the Rheumy doc.. They confirmed the pain in my sternum is just Costochondritis, which is basically cartilage inflammation. Then he had the nerve to shirk me off to yet another doctor.. This time he told me if I wanted to get an injection for pain-relief, I could go see a cardiologist. A cardiologist? WTF??? What does a cardiologist have to do with cartilage inflammation???? HE is supposed to be the one that deals with joint/muscle pain and inflammation! Stupid doctor. *sigh*
I've been burying myself in books lately.. Been a lot of stress and not feeling well. Trying to atleast manage my time, but when it comes to books, I could read ALL day. I guess it gives me a perfect escape.. I swear, if I could, I would live in my books. It would be amazing. I could become an awesome Aei Sedia, or I could learn to be a tracker and talk with wolves, or an elf with a magical voice, or a girl with a serious violin talent.. anything! It would be magical and exciting.. I could be anyone but me, and it would be perfect.

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