Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting sick...

I hate sore throats. It's the 2nd most hated "sick" symptom ever in my book. 1st would be nausea. I think it's because those 2 things are a constant reminder going "HELLO!" all the time..

So today is the first "official" day of summer break for the kids. Not sure what to do with them. I need to get a handle on the kids, interaction wise, or I'm never going to be successful at homeschooling. I know I don't need to keep them busy 24/7. And my mom swears up and down that parents who are constantly finding things for their kids to do aren't "normal".. you know, always keeping kids busy with craft projects and such.. not that there's anything wrong with doing that sort of thing, but all the time? It really makes us other moms feel like such slackers.. well, I do atleast. My therapist says the whole interaction issue I have, the relating thing, is an Aspie trait, just like the kids.. Never thought about it that way. I think that is going to make it even harder. I dunno. I guess I just wish they'd listen to me like they do their teachers. I have tried just about everything, even tried "discipline" like their teachers... didn't really work like I wanted. Connor is having accidents now that school is out and things are unstructured. I'm trying my best to pay attention to him so I know when he needs to go and is ignoring it. It's extremely hard not to get anrgy and irritable towards him though. I feel like sometimes he does it on purpose, just to piss me off.. It's an awful way to feel.

Oh, speaking of therapy, going to try and make an appt for next week to start things back up again. I'm looking forward to it.


DJ Kirkby said...

Your kid's summer break has started already? It doesn't start 'till the 3rd week of July in England! I'm not great at the interacting thing either. Luckily my son is an Aspie too and he doesn't like tons of interaction as he like sot get on with doing his own thing. We enjoy cooking, gardening and reading together though. He very into electronic gaming and I'm not at all but I'll sit in the front room with him and read while he plays his Xbox. I had that cold last week and it's nasty. I don;t mind sore throats so much but I totally understand what you say about feeling nausea. Ick.

Just Me said...

DJ, when do they go back? Here, the kids go back early August. I wish here they would do all year round school like when I was in Germany. I went to K there, and loved it. Got out every day at 12:30.
I know I need to be thankful for the things that DO come easy in regard to relating to them.. And I am practicing :) Glad to know I'm not the only Aspie who has this trouble :)

Kelly said...

It is unreasonable to expect your children to react to you the same way they do school teachers. Parents are not the same as school teachers even when they are homeschooling.

My son doesn't and to be honest I don't know any kid who does.

You also need to stop comparing yourself to other parents. You aren't them and your kids aren't their kids. Why would you expect yourself and your kids to be the same as others?

Find what works for your kids...if it is a scheduled 24 hour day then so be it...but it might not be. Personally we are laid back people who let the day unroll if we will stay home but Thomas and I need plans and structure if we are going to leave the house. It is one of the reasons I had no (as in absolutely zero) interest in homeschooling.