Monday, April 26, 2010

More questions than answers

I hate not having answers to everything.. Must be a control issue? Back from the doctor this morning. Most of the test results came back normal (yay!). My bone scan showed an intense "hot spot" on my sternum (consistent with the pain I'm having there) that he thinks is either inflammation or an injury (though no injury to my knowledge) and some mild hotspot areas on my knees (degenerative - possible "arthritis") and my shoulders (which is odd, no issues there!). So I have an xray tomorrow of my chest to check for any bone injury. My sed rate is still slightly elevated and the autoimmune dsDNA test, which is fairly specific to Lupus, came back as weak-positive, though he does not think it means anything. Dr. thinks I do indeed have Fibromyalgia and is telling me to refer to both my psychiatrist and neurologist for treatment (with Lyrica). So I'm being shuffled off to ANOTHER FRICKING DOCTOR. And I'm still wary of that positive dsDNA test, though most research I can find on it, a weak-positive can rarely occur in "other-wise healthy women" per several sites. The dr doesn't want to treat me because when I was on the Neurontin, it caused more seizures, and with Lyrica being similar to neurontin, he isn't sure if it would also cause issues..

So now what? I wasn't planning on going back to the Neuro that was treating my NES, mainly because I was so mad at the fact that they wanted to just put me on meds instead of discussing the NES and searching for the reason. Not sure what to do.. the Zanaflex I'm taking nightly seems to help with most of the body pain right now, but I'll need to find a Neuro when that runs out (Zanaflex for chronic headaches/migraines). I hate health issues.


Angela said...

It's not a control issue, wanting answers to everything. It's normal. Sorry about the musical doctors. And musical meds. (You know, musical chairs...)

readingsully2 said...

Your life is tough...sorry you are going through all of this. Stay strong.