Thursday, April 22, 2010


Don't know why.. but this week has seen me go down the irritable path :( I'm just in a funk here lately.. Can't really make heads or tails of why... It doesn't help that the kids are off the walls lately too.. well, the boys are. I'm stressed over money again too. Can't afford to renew my Deplin this month and I run out in 3 days. Not a good thing. But the Deplin is $96 ($76 through the "savings" plan Deplin has) so that's a HUGE chunk of change to be spending each month. It's money that we just don't have. Which sucks, because it was really helping.. well, until this week really. Man I wish I could pinpoint out what's going on w/ me.

I'm sure some of it is dealing with frustration with the kids. It seems like we got them where we wanted them around the end of the year, beginning of this year, we pulled them off of all their supplements (except probiotics and melatonin) and they were doing SO WELL. And now, we're back to needing digestive enzymes, 5htp, biotin, zinc... frustrating. I don't know what to do. I have a feeling that the vaccinations are playing into our needing to add stuff back, Brae for one gets EXTREMELY hyper and overly impulsive afterwards and it takes us a good month to rectify it. But what's my alternative? Homeschooling just isn't for me. I have zero confidence in my abilities. There's NO way I would get an exemption against the rest of their shots, and I'm not even sure I would want them not getting them.. both paths scare me, frustrate me..

And I haven't even mentioned that my get up and go with house cleaning well, it got up and went.. We're back to trying to catch up all the time and it's overwhelming us again.. I'm trying, I am. But I'm beginning to hit another "I don't care" phase and I am really struggling.