Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doctor Do-over?

Not really sure what to think right now about my neurologist.. I'm feeling really angry right now.. I have been on trial of every medicine.. Depakote caused rages, Keppra worked well, but made me really irritable, so the psychiatrist tried Lamictal and Trileptal, then when I rashed with those, asked me to have the neuro put me on something else, something non-"mood stablizing". So we switched to neurontin, which didn't help and caused more "seizures" or what I thought were seizures. So I called the doctor finally at the urging of a great friend, D. Well.. the nurse calls me back and says I've just about run the whole lot and that my psychiatrist should choose the next course of action.. What the hell type of answer is that? So I ask her if the wrong meds can infact induce more seizures or "change" them.. she says yes.. I ask her if I am in fact experiencing seizures. (Let me note, I called and asked this very question a month ago, because I was worried that this whole thing could have been anxiety or ADHD related instead and not true seizures and the Dr. on call said absolutely not anxiety or ADHD).. So ms nurse says "well, we call them 'episodes' instead." So basically she's saying that I'm having NES or non epileptic seizures.. Ok then, why not tell me that from the START and save me the trouble of all the meds and reactions and instead SEARCH FOR THE FUCKING CAUSE of these non-epileptic events???? Seriously.. So in the mean time, my joints as you all know flared up really badly after the steroids and now my soreness is much much worse.. And I was sent to an rheumitologist to go through further testing.... In the mean time.. I'm weaning off the Neurontin.. The neuro was going to put me back on Keppra, but I can not handle the moods. I am going to go with out the meds, what's the point of them right? I mean they may have been helping but it may have been me "relaxing" more knowing I was on something to help... These NESes could be migraine or Fibro related... (oh yeah, the RA doc things it's Fibromyalgia.. lovely...) So.. I'm not sure where to go from here, not sure if I'm going to actually go to the neuro appt at the end of April.. I may search for another doc that can help with the headaches... I haven't decided yet. Need to think on it... And I have the RA doc appt at the end of the month as well, just before the neuro, so that will be helpful as well... *think think think*

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