Saturday, March 27, 2010

We are what we eat?

If that's the case, then I truly am a Nut! :P Seriously though... I have been doing some serious thought on diet.. I am really tired of not eating "normally" and by normally, I don't mean like the "average horrible american diet". I simply mean, I'm tired of the GFCFSFEFPFSGFCRF "ABC" diet :P That is to say.. Gluten/Casein/Soy/Egg/Peanut/Sugar/Corn free.... The thing is though, I feel better physically. And dear god do I know that for me casein free is a set in stone rule. There's not much choice in diet for my family. And we've had quite a fair share of issues with diet. Do we try the Specific Carb Diet, where we limit all "big carbs" and only ingest the tiny little easy to break down carbs like some fruits, honey, and tons of meat and fats? Do we try the Low Oxalate diet (which I honestly don't understand much of, other than it takes away what SCD allows you to eat)? Do we try the Body Ecology Diet (your "basic" yeast free carb free yeast busting diet)? Do we just try to avoid those sensitivities we have and just learn to live with the yeastie beasties that "could be" raging through our bodies? Do we give up all together? Do we? Do we? Do we? Now THAT is a ton of questioning.. and damnit, questions NEED answers, right? Right. Unfortunately, I don't think these questions really have, or will ever have an answer... Or at least, a uniform answer of right and wrong, yes and no. So... I took to my own task of picking these diets apart. Finding what people liked and saw progress with, and what they didn't like, or questioned one too many times... Did I find anything out? I dunno, I'll tell ya in a month... :P Seriously. I'm going to pick and choose from all of the above.. and just plain give it a go. We're going to continue the "ABC" diet of avoidance, and rotation of what sensitivities we have.. and if I can save up enough $$ we'll retest those sensitivities. We're going to go the way of a base probiotic maintenance along side a high potency yogurt or "ice cream".. Will it be goats milk? or Cow's milk? or Almond milk? Well, for now I'm going to try with Almond or Coconut milk, but I may brave cows milk later. I can "handle" Parmesan fine, so I have high hopes that I will be able to handle the "properly" made cows milk yogurt. We shall see... I just ordered a new sweetener.. Erythritol which is "flavored" with Lo Han Sweet concentrate. It's similar to what BED recommends as a sweetener. We will be going with higher protein carbs like quinoa and brown rice.. some what limited on potatoes, hardly any corn if we can.. We're going to cut some of the high sugar fruits.. stick more with berries, green apples, no more grapes, we'll "make" lemonade using the sweetener and lemons, or just have plain lemon water.. bananas will be one every other day or less... at least for now. brown rice flour, GF oat flour and no corn starch, we'll use potato starch as needed, same with tapioca starch. The quinoa flour is "so so" on taste but we'll use it a bit along with some nut flours.. Nut flours are pricey so we're mixing... A lot of this has to do with our back pocket as well...

Now.. challenges include:
What's for lunch?
We're eating that AGAIN?
I just finished cooking, what do you mean your hungry?

So.. I would love some ideas. I have a very hard time with keeping up w/ house work, so this will prove a big task. I'm working on that issue. Hoping it will make things much smoother if I can get caught up and "train" myself to keep it up... the change is the biggest hurdle. I am accpeting prayers (no matter the faith) and lots and lots of positive and healing energy. I'm going to need all the help I can get. ;)


Kathleen said...

Holy cow - I will never complain about my little dietary restrictions again =p praying for you!!!

Just Me said...

Kathy - complain away! :) Makes me feel "normal" knowing others feel my "pain" ;)

shenry said...

damn, that's one hella diet. i'm not familiar with this diet, so i don't know the specifics. ... but since you asked for suggestions... I love top sirloin (grilled outside or on the george foreman) with a salad. and, when i do salad i always toss it with red wine vinegar and olive oil and salt; that's all a salad needs. Salmon with steamed broccoli is another favorite of mine too.

i just discovered almond milk last month. love it to death.

Just Me said...

Shenry!!!!!! :D Ohh those sound good, I'm hungry now :)

SCDMommy said...

Girlfriend, you can do it. I'm right there with you hating every step of dietary intervention. Did I tell you that hubby is on an allergy elimination diet too??? With DIFFERENT restrictions from Will??? Ugh. Big hugs for you and many prayers.