Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok.. let's see...

It stormed last night, I remember very drowsily waking up to what I *think* was hail. (I took a klonopin last night as a "test" to see how I'd feel this AM) So I vaguely remember the storm. And I know it's going to rain again tonight, storm most likely. But today it's supposed to be gorgeous. And this morning? Aside from a bit of a hangover feeling (that is to say, VERY groggy and fuzzy.. slept a bit too late) I managed to get the kids fed, do Connor's lunch, both snacks, remember water, a note to Brae's teacher for an IEP, AND... wait for it..... I got dressed to walk them down to the bus. Yes... you read that right. getting dressed for me, is a major accomplishment. No, not because I don't know how, that's just stupid. But let's just say that on a GOOD day, I might be dressed by the time Richard comes home from work. On a bad day? hah. So yeah, no robe this am, no PJs, I'm in real honest to goodness clothing. My mood isn't bad either.. Was it the klonopin? Dunno. Storm? Dunno. Going to keep taking the klonopin every night and see if it's a "build up in the system" sort of thing that keeps me calm enough w/ the anxiety that I can handle the problems that come at me. If it was the storm, well then, damnit Gaia needs to make it happen way more often ;) not just that nasty rainy drizzle, I mean STORM.

But either way, we'll see where this takes us. I need to make an appt w/ the Psychiatrist now that I'm off the steriods (which may also be helping!!!) so we can discuss the plan of "attack" since I obviously don't react well to the stablizers.

We're also looking at genetics. I took the $ plunge and did the MTHFR test.. The results?

Result: C677T Single mutation (C677T) identified

This patient's sample was analyzed for the MTHFR mutations
C677T and A1298C. A single copy of the C677T mutation was
identified. Results for the A1298C mutation were negative.
The diagnosis of hyperhomocysteinemia can not rely on DNA
testing alone but should take into consideration clinical
findings and other studies, such as serum homocysteine
levels. Because MTHFR mutations and their associated risks
are inherited, genetic counseling is recommended.

So what does this mean? well.. The body "methylates" certain vitamins to make things like serotonin and melatonin, tryptophan.. all the "feel good" hormones and chemicals that regulate the body. My body has a bottleneck at the top of that cycle. You give my body Folic acid and it cocks an eyebrow and says "Ok, yeah.. now what?" So I don't MAKE the cycle complete, the serotonin, the tryptophan... that stuff.. so if I take the BASE form of folic (which is called Methylfolate) then my dna can use that to complete the cycle, because it's already broken down into the form it needs. I can't break down the "normal" stuff. Which I find utterly facinating.. (me and that whole medical passion coming out there!)

Anyways, all that to say, we're very very tempted to shell out $500 from our FSA to do the FULL genetic testing. The up side? I would KNOW with out a doubt what supplements would work for me, and what will hurt. The down side? Not being able to afford all the supplements.. that and KNOWING I should change certain things, which for me.. change is HELL. yeah.. so it's food for thought in the mean time. I do really think that the testing will pay for itself in the end.. my sanity is priceless right? :)


SCDMommy said...

Mel, Will has the same mutation. Methylfolate is our friend. :) Thorne makes a reasonablly priced one in 1000mcg caps available through ourkids.
YAY for answers! :)

Angela said...

What's the deal? I only ever feel any kind of energetic during a rip-snortin' thunderstorm! What's with that??

I'm glad you're getting some answers - ptt on those who think "mental" problems are all in the head.

Just Me said...

Stacie - yeah, that's what I started.. I wish I could say I felt 'great' though, not seeing any affect yet? Maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing?

Angela - It didn't last long. I got evil towards the stupid-assed printer that won't print and it's all been down hill from there.. aw well...

readingsully2 said...

The genetic testing sounds like a positive step.:)

Just Me said...

There's more to come of that! I'm hoping with this next test, to know what supplements I react badly too, what meds not to take, and what will help.. *fingers crossed*