Monday, March 15, 2010

Med Changes.. again.

Ok. So the psychiatrist started me on Deplin, which is a high dose RX Methylfolate. And she's hoping that it will help w/ the depression/anxiety. She FULLY understood my telling her about the mutation and methylation pathway issue and was seriously intrigued with me doing the genetics test w/ Dr. Amy Yasko. She wants to be "kept in the loop" with the results. She had me put a call into the Neuro since I wasn't going to see him until April 2nd (they can't squeeze me in sooner) because she wants to see if there is ANYTHING else I can do other than the Keppra (since "moodstablizer meds" seem to affect me so poorly).

So just got off the phone w/ Dr. N and they agreed to a med change, and they are hoping that Neurontin will be as helpful as the Keppra was on seizures, minus the mood issues, and hopefully it will help with the headaches. I told them that while I was on the trileptal that I had NO headaches.. but when I came off it, they started back up again. So they are hopeful that Neurontin will do the trick (like Topomax did.. only hopefully no bad side effects).

I do find it sooooo very frustrating that my body reacts SO weirdly to meds.. I tend to throw the docs for a loop..

Anyways, took my first Deplin today, I do feel "peppier" and here's hoping it will continue in a positive direction...


At Risk said...

Hi, I know that meds changes can be such a pain, but stay the course.
I wish you well and health.

Know that someone is listening.

Just Me said...

Thank you AtRisk.. It's always nice to know I have someone who listens :)

readingsully2 said...

I hope you find the right meds combination. :)

readingsully2 said...

Mel, I went back to the beginning and now I am caught up.