Friday, March 5, 2010

food for thought.. sort of

I'm pulling off my masks
and turning to my tasks
as questions pelt my face
I'm clinging to my place.

I've led myself astray
down paths were others lay
stepping over, under, through
chasing after you.

Tearing thought from thought
at troubles I have wrought
searching through the past
to find my truth at last.

As a crystal's many sides
there's much of me that hides
with wings both bound and worn
I reach to be reborn.


Dean Corso said...

Now that side of you...was well hidden!!
I'd like to say brilliant, if it's appropriate!
Thank you for sharing.

Just Me said...

I also wrote the little monologue up top of my blog... At one point poetry was my solace and it's something I long to get back to desperately.. maybe it will do me some good?

And thanks for the compliment!! *blush*

Dean Corso said...

It's obvious...that words are flexible in your hands, and you are very welcome!

readingsully2 said...

Poetry is a wonderful therapist. :)

Just Me said...

That it is.. that it is...