Thursday, March 18, 2010

Courage Willow....

ok.. I am about to take a very very very (did I mention very?) large, gigantic leap outside of my comfort zone.

I've decided to make the move. I'm submitting my poetry to several places to be considered for publication.. *hyperventilates* This is huge for me.. I have always had confidence in my poetry (it's the ONE area where I have awesome self esteem). But to submit it for review to professionals? That's, well.. terrifying.

I'm going to do it though.. I'm gathering the publications and info I need now. This weekend will be spent typing up poems and cover letters.. I have to come up with a short "bio" for a lot of them. That will be difficult, I hate "talking" about myself in a bio sort of way.. But it will be worth it, if my poems are accepted! Could you imagine? ME, a published poet!!! I think I would just die.. die of happiness. :) I miss the poet in me.


readingsully2 said...

Good for you. Go to it. Mel, I don't know if you remember or not but I am a published poet. Don't give up when the rejections come and they will come. Don't get depressed because eventually you will publish and you will be thrilled. I don't know what you are trying for but I started with small Literary Magazines. I also published some on some internet sites. THe literary magazines are the big deal though. After awhile I quit. Seems like my life improved and I lost my muse. I can only hope this to happens to you too. Be sure to ask me any questions you might have.

Just Me said...

I've been published "small scale" for my Unknown Soldier poem, but it was a literary paper for high school students. So I'm a tad nervous to do things "Grand scale" :)